Thursday, December 03, 2009

Is Tiger Woods An Idiot?

Is Tiger Woods an idiot? The answer to this question is critical for shaping my worldview. In general, when famous, powerful men have been caught cheating on their wives, my knee jerk reaction has been to sneer and cry out: “what an idiot”. Mark Sanford, Elliot Spitzer, Steve McNair, the list goes on. All of these men took foolish chances, made sloppy errors in their cover up attempts and paid the price. But does this assessment really apply in the case of Tiger? I mean Tiger is way too smart for that right? He must understand that he is one of the most famous men in the world, that every move he makes is being zealously recorded. Surely he understands that he lives in the age of insatiable and abundantly available media. And someone must have told him that every phone call, email and text message he sends will leave a digital footprint that will go on his permanent record.

So why take the chance then Tiger? Why jeopardize the $100 million salary, the beautiful wife and family and the masterfully crafted image? I can only surmise that Tiger Woods can’t be that stupid. Nor was Bill Clinton or Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan or any of the others on my list of knuckleheads.

I now have to concede, as my wife has reminded me each time, that there is something else going on here. Something more innate, something dark lurking in the souls of men. Maybe he, maybe they all, do indeed think that they are above the law. That the rules of commitment and trustworthiness don’t really apply to them. Maybe they just think they are too smart to get caught or so rich that they can buy their way out of any situation. Or maybe the rush of power chemically alters men’s brains, affecting them in ways us mere mortals can’t understand? The God Complex manifested perhaps.

For sure mere mortals also cheat. Everyday nitwits who don’t deserve their wives still somehow figure it’s ok for them to seek a little action on the side. But while no less shameful, the everyday Joes have so much less to lose. They don’t in fact have it all, not even close. Sure they should resist the temptation, if not because it’s their Christian duty, then because they should be deathly afraid of getting caught, of seeing their lives go to shambles…the divorce, the loss of their children, the golden years spent growing old alone in a dingy apartment, eating take out food in their boxer shorts. But Tiger Friggin’ Woods? $1 Billion dollars in career earnings? That’s a lot to bet on a cocktail waitress. Stupidity and arrogance are just not worthy enough to sufficiently categorize such an epic blunder.

So what have I learned? I now know that I can no longer dismiss these “transgressions” as the folly of egomaniacs who are a little too dim witted to realize that they are digging their own graves. There is a larger psychosis going on here that I can never truly understand. Power corrupts? The price of fame is an empty soul? Money can’t buy happiness? I don’t know. The truth is, I don’t know jack. I have questions but no answers.


Anonymous said...

I actually came to your site to read about rappers with college degrees and stumbled upon this, so I'll comment.

I think Tiger was set-up. I think those old white men got sick of him and wanted him out. Tiger was cockey but he backed it up with skill. They envied his skills and were jealous of his popularity. Every since the day he won his "green jacket" those old farts have been hating on him. Remember the "fried chicken" comment. Tiger was too simple (or something) to realize what was going on. He let his guard down. In his heart I think the brother really wanted to just play golf. He gave a lot to his game. More than most.

I think he got pushed out on purpose b/c Tiger was dominating "their game." These white boys worship golf. Billions of dollars are wrapped up in this game that you never hear about. Tiger was getting MASSIVE amounts of cudos, attention, winning money, endorsements, tournements, you name it, he got it. With no sign of letting up. He was closing in on some major golf records. They wanted him out. Since they could not bring him down by his skills, they went a different route, his reputation. You see the first thing Tiger did when all this happened, he quit playing golf. They knew how to mess with his head and they got what they wanted. He's out indefinitely. To me, something is not adding up. I pray to God it comes out.

As someone who used to be a "kept woman," this smells like a classic case of setup. At Tiger's level, the "mistress" is rarely in this alone. (she's a waitress for god's sake) His nemisis is likely someone who knows his favorite spots, what he likes to drink, what he likes to eat, generally everything he likes and what makes him tick. The person gets the woman to play to those likes. Over time she earns his trust, feeds his ego, then comes the sex. It's never about love. Sex is just a tool used b/c it works. Sex will mess up a man's mind. That's why God tells you to wait for marriage. (enough for Bible Study) The fling NEVER lasts, and the mistress knows it. Somewhere along the line, wifey finds out, they fight about it, he calls the fling off. (hince the supposed phone call) and that's the end. Except in Tiger's case, he a public personality, so his situation gets played out in the media. (just want the nemisis wants) The "public" reputation is gone, he's off the golf course for a while while his publicist tries to figure out a way to clean up the mess so he can come back. So it's not stupidity or arrogance, it's actually quite classic in nature. That's why you see it over and over again, it works.

I bet almost everyone in the PGA knew Tiger was seeing those women and covered for him because they do the same thing. If Tiger had not had that accident, it would have ended quietly, like most of these situations do.

As for the "larger psychosis," I hope my comments help you understand. So don't be too upset about it. They'll be more of them.

Anonymous said...

Who would set him up and why?

Do you seriously think that the same old rich white people that were paying him $100,000,000 per year now want him gone? I doubt it. I would be one thing if this occurred once or twice but 16 is not a setup

I do think there are people who hate on him, but no one ad I repeat no one made him put his **** in those women.

Lamont said...

I tend to agree with Anonymous 2. I love a good conspiracy theory but can't see these guys bringing down their cash cow. Dude has made everybody associated with the PGA Tour richer. I had never watched a golf tournament or picked up a club before Tiger won his 1st Masters. Since then I've spent countless $ playing, taking lessons, watching, buying equipment, going to live tourneys, etc. Think about how many other people like me there are out there.