Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Ten Rappers With College Degrees

To offset the devastating news that Roxanne Shante made up the whole story about her having a PHD from Cornell I offer you this list of 10 Rappers whom I'm pretty sure are on the level. There are plenty of rappers who attended college but never graduated, including Diddy, Ludacris, Plies, and a ton of others. But I think this is a list of actual degree holders. Since this is the internet, I don't really have to check my sources or anything so I could be totally wrong here. There are a lot of rumors out there when it comes to rappers and college so don't hold me to this. If you can confirm any others, please do so. Enjoy.

  1. David Banner (I was as surprised as anybody. Dude also attended Grad School at UMD College Park) - Southern University
  2. J-Live  - (One of the smartest rappers out there so this is quite believable) - SUNY New York
  3. Pete Nice (Of 80's group 3rd Base, I used to point this bit of trivia out to people way back in the day)  - Columbia University
  4. Kidz In The Hall (they kinda seem like Ivy League lads) - University of Pennsylvania
  5. Young MC - (One-hit wonder did indeed have something to fall back on) - University of Southern California
  6. Phonte (Of Little Brother. Like Kidz in the Hall they got their start kicking it in the dorms) - North Carolina Central University
  7. Guru (Of Gang Starr. His mom, dad and two siblings are all college grads) - Morehouse College
  8. Scott La Rock (Of Boogie Down Productions. "DJ Scott La Rock sports a college degree..." enough said) - Castleton State College
  9. Tajai (Of Souls Of Mischief. This is consistent with his erudite flow) - Stanford
  10. Chuck D (Of Public Enemy. I certainly learned a lot from listening to him) - Adelphi University


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Check out a new adult fiction novel by Hannah Faye, entitled A Rapper's's about this rap artist who decides to return to school and purse his education. There is also a list of rap artists here who have gotten there education. Talk about encouraging. So now you know the people you listen to on the radio are not only talented, but educated also.

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